UNESCO World Heritage Sites on World Banknotes

When I started tallying the world banknotes depicting UNESCO World Heritage Sites I soon discovered it was a daunting and huge task. In most cases the site shown is not titled. Both the banknotes and reference books often use alternate spellings or Diacritic marks. When a search feature is used these issues totally eliminate the subject from being found. Most UNESCO sites have specific locations, meaning a search of words or images can be time consuming. For example, the UNESCO site "Paris, Banks of the Seine" only includes specific buildings along the Seine River in Paris. Most of the sites of cities are limited to specific locations in the city - "Historic Center", "Old Bridge Area", and "Fortified Area" as examples. Even so this book is the result of much entertaining research and detective work.

Book Cover

Scope of UNESCO Sites

Afghanistan Example

Afghanistan has 3 UNESCO sites. Only one site, the Bamiyan Valley (2003) with 8 locations is depicted on three bank notes, with one showing the cliff carvings. The Bamiyan Valley cultural site was inscribed in UNESCO in 2003. The Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley represent the Buddhist art that resulted from the interaction between man and nature from the 1st to 13th centuries. The kingdom of Bamiyan was a Buddhist state along the trade routes that for centuries linked China and Central Asia with India and the west. Statues of Buddha were carved into the sides of cliffs facing Bamiyan city. The two most prominent of these statues were standing Buddha, measuring 180 and 121 feet high respectively, that were the largest examples of standing Buddha carvings in the world. They were probably erected in the 4th or 5th century.
The three banknotes are:

Afghanistan P21 reverse
Colossal Buddha statue niches in Bamiyan

Detective Work

Should you attempt to find UNESCO sites on banknotes, here is some of the work done for this site. Using “Bamiyan” as a search term: There are two ways to categorize and tabulate all the banknotes. One is sorted by country, while the other is sorted by UNESCO site. While you might think these would be the same - it is not so! Examples: This reference utilizes the sort by country method. If you are looking up a specific site rather than a country’s sites, make full use of the tabulation “UNESCO Sites on Banknotes” at the end of the book. Here's a sample section of this tabulation.
UNESCO Sites & Countries Chart

There is also a “quick reference” tabulation listing all the banknotes for each country. To keep this manageable, the quick reference displays “Pick” catalog numbers by default. Bank Note book (TBB) “B” numbers are assigned to those notes too new or missing from the SCWPM. Here's a sample section of the reference. Quick Reference Chart

All known UNESCO sites shown on bank notes published in Pick (SCWPM) including the General, Specialized, and Modern Issues catalogs and The Bank Note Book (TBB) are included. Those bank notes not attributed include:

With 442 pages, full use of the BOOKMARK feature with Adobe Acrobat has been utilized to make a search easier with this catalog. Here is an example: Bookmark of Australia - Greater Blue Mountains

Like most catalogs, the full data is a moving target.

With this catalog being the first (and only) tally of all UNESCO sites shown on banknotes, I wanted to offer FREE updated pdf files for collectors purchasing this catalog. As a collector first, I will provide these updates for 2 years from the date of purchase of the catalog to keep the reference current for a new collecting interest. When payment is made, I will note the name, email address, and date of sale to send email links to download any updated versions of the catalog.

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